Round the World Sailing Trip

When someone asks me what motivates me to embark on this adventure, I usually answer with a slight provocative tone probably “Because it’s something beautyfull”.
Yes, it’s something beautyfull, but it’s a lot more than that.
I want to perform an ancient gesture, a nomadic gesture on the carrier that has since ever united the world and its people: the Sea. I want to perform this act propelled by the wind, a free source of energy that simply awaits to be harnessed and transformed into power, in forward movement.
I want to learn from the people I meet and from the traditions I experience, make friends with every wave I meet along my course, every ray of sunshine that shines down on me, every breath of wind that caresses me, every star that guides me, every storm that hits me, every doubt that tears me, every hardship. I want to do this to evolve, to find myself again and again. I want to look at my demon in the eyes. And it is also a highly cathartic gesture. The sea perceived as an extraordinary teacher. 
It all began during the course I attended to obtain my boating license back in 2006. Or maybe when reading Bernard Moitessier‘s book “The Long Way”. Or maybe it was even earlier, when I was about 7 years old, on my first outing on the Optimist on Lake Lugano. Maybe it’s even an open issue from a past life.
The fact is that when the examiner of the boating license test asked each participant for their reason to take the test, I said: “I want to travel round the world on a sailboat.”
Since then lots of water has flowed under the keel and I have covered thousands of nautical miles.
After working for years as a skipper for hire, in spring 2013 I finally found the right boat to make my dream come true: the Gindungo. Since that day I have been working at my boat to prepare it in every detail in order to face my journey.
When a boat is at sea, away from the shore, it is like an isolated microcosm, a metaphor of the Planet we live on. It is in fact the portrayal of humanity’s adventure on the vessel called Earth. By following the trade winds I am planning to sail round the world from east to west, maintaining a course between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. We will set sail from Sardinia and sail towards the Balearic Islands, Strait of Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, the Caribbean, Panama Canal, then the vast Pacific Ocean with its myriad of islands and atolls, then across the Strait of Malacca, the Indian Ocean, and finally return to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal and up to the port of departure in Sardinia. All of this in a period of about 5 years. I have no need or reason to rush.
I want to share my dream, this experience, with friends and guests who come and go. I love to define the Gindungo as “a place of peace and exchange, a creative platform for every form of beauty”. This has been confirmed by every sensitive person, every artist or musician who has come on board. It will be an honour to share the magic of this boat in its mission around the world, with beautiful people. The Gindungo will become a place to meet and share, a place of creativity, friendship and personal evolution. You can follow us on this very website and decide when, where and how to join us on board. You will find here a detailed plan of all legs, periods, dates and plane connections. The website will serve as a multimedia communication platform for everything happening on the boat.
For those of you who cannot join us personally, we have found a way to involve you in our adventure round the world: We have created 500 spaces for your names on Gindungo’s hull.



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