Lars Prinz

Taking people along to travel at sea is my passion.
I love to sail and fill other people with enthusiasm by taking them along with me. I love to share my passion.
I was born in 1974. I worked for 10 years in the field of theatre, cinema and television as an actor and director, as well as in the fields of marketing, team building, graphics and video editing, but also as a broker for insurance and finance products and as a translator. I speak fluently Italian, German, French, English and some Spanish.
My experience as a skipper includes the crossing of the Atlantic (from Antigua to Trapani) on Peter Blake‘s maxi-ketch Steinlager 2, vast experience on the Mediterranean aboard most different vessels, for a total currently of about 20.000 nautical miles.
I founded the VelaVivi association and am largely in charge of all organisational matters. Volunteer helpers are welcome!
A book of my adventures at sea and a book on personal development are in the pipeline.

To sail means to become attuned to nature’s rhythms. It means taking time for yourself to regain focus. It means discovering places that are almost impossible to reach by land, gently propelled by the wind, a free source of energy that simply awaits to be harnessed and transformed into power.
To sail the seas is also a wonderfully constructive experience. It enables to develop deep interpersonal relationships, a spirit of solidarity and loyalty, trust in our own skills and in those of the rest of the crew. It enhances the value of the efforts made by each individual as well as by the entire group, it teaches about respect and cooperation, it enables to go beyond one’s limits.
Navigare necesse est. The sea is an extraordinary teacher – the greatest I have ever met till now. The beginning of a journey. I made a radical choice: I live on a boat for about 9 months a year. This is where I detach from mundane happenings, where I seek solitude in order to explore my inner self. I no longer read newspapers or magazines, I no longer watch TV, I am no longer interested in the endless crazy facets of this world. I already know them. I can do without those hammering, pathetic and frustrating updates. I find stupidity and disinformation annoying.
I isolate myself in order to learn how to fight. I seek truth and beauty. I am deeply convinced that it is good to live as much as possible immersed in nature. I am walking the path of my development – the sea and its good waves & vibes are helping me along the way.
I am sharing my soul-searching journey by involving whoever wishes to visit me on board.
And I have a dream: to sail round the world onboard Gindungo.



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