Fornelli al Vento

Sailing at sea means taking time for yourself to regain focus. It means discovering places that are almost impossible to reach by land, gently propelled by the wind, our free source of  energy . It means taking time to savour the flavours of life. It means sharing and enjoying meals together. It also means cherishing those things that are often taken for granted on land, from water – to be used sparingly – to the limited kitchen and fridge spaces – which call for structure and proper organization in order to ensure optimal use. In perfect harmony with our sense of respect for time and for our environment, also Fornelli al Vento, our special food & wine sailing package, is dedicated to raising awareness of nature and of everything around us. We do this by discovering, learning about and tasting the territory‘s best ambassadors: Sardinia’s most characteristic agrifoods.

Our recipe is simple: on a journey of flavours we will sail together to show you real Sardinia, seasoned with curiosity, a fork at hand and a pinch of adventure in our hearts. Literally translated “Fornelli al Vento” could mean something like “cookers in the wind”.

To offer the emotion of a sailing holiday in Sardinia and the opportunity to discover Sardinia’s territory through its agrifoods and wines and their producers. Be it the pantry list, accurately written up by the entire crew, or meeting local producers onboard or at their farms, each guest of Fornelli al Vento contributes to enriching the culinary sailing week with their desire to discover and taste Sardinia’s most authentic flavours. Refreshing encounters and the exchange of ideas and opinions between producers and crew members will transform your week into a unique experience.

Sardinia is a fertile island set in turquoise waters, with a rich culinary tradition – the perfect setting for our special food & wine sailing package Fornelli al Vento. From the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura we set sail stocked up with the most scrumptious tastes of Sardinia. The land’s rich and generous soil offers unique flavours and scents: olive oil, native grape varieties, spices and herbs, saffron, citrus fruits and marmalades, myrtle berries, strawberry trees, honey, ewe and goat cheeses, local sausage products, vegetables pickled in oil or in vinegar, bottarga (cured fish roe), fish, pasta, breads and sweets. We acquire a vast knowledge of Sardinia’s territory and producers, which allows us to pick from a selected range of characteristic quality products, according to the crew members‘ preferences and wishes.

The ideal guest of Fornelli al Vento has a passion for the art of food and wine. Or is a professional in the sector. Or loves and is curious about fine food. Or loves to cook and is not familiar with living at sea onboard a sailboat. Or is a yachtsman who won’t miss out on the pleasure of fine food and of genuine products.
We take time together to choose the ingredients, taste them and prepare a meal with the crew members: cooking becomes a moment to gather and to exchange more than just gastronomic recipes. The art of food is a way to meet. Good food shortens the geographical and cultural distances to the local area. Discovering the tastes of Sardinia becomes an intense and exciting experience. We cooperate, laugh and joke while tasting and nibbling here and there. We take our time, seemingly ceremonial, to prepare a delicious meal for the entire crew, sometimes in close teamwork with the producers themselves. And the day after, when the stoves are cold, we continue to sail through the Archipelago of La Maddalena, all working together supervised by the Captain, thus uniting the art of food and wine to the art of seafaring.

We choose products with a soul and a story to tell.
We seek local products, grown or prepared with dedication by their producers in a natural measure of time. The items we select for Fornelli al Vento are quality, niche products, made by people who have a passion for their work and a tradition to tell, people who enjoy talking to and interacting with the crew members and who appreciate their wish to discover new tastes.

It is not rare to witness a real cooking challenge among crew members. Fornelli al Vento is the ideal platform to stimulate one’s creativity and wish to experiment cooking new dishes. All recipes created and experiments made on board are posted on our social networks, and the best will enter the boat’s cookbook, the Ricettario Gindungo, and sail round the world.

Are you interested in finding out more about life aboard? Please refer to our page Sailing Holidays.



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