Sailing Holidays

An adventure on a sailboat is a unique experience. Sailing at sea means tuning into the rhythms of nature. It means taking time for yourself, making a spontaneous stop at the sight of a beautiful bay, discovering places that are otherwise impossible to reach, propelled by the wind, a free source of energy.
To sail the seas is also a wonderfully constructive experience. It enables to develop deep interpersonal relationships, a spirit of solidarity and loyalty, trust in our own skills  and in those of the remaining crew. It enhances the value of the efforts made by each individual as well as by the entire group, it teaches about respect and cooperation, it enables to go beyond one’s limits.

We chose Sardinia – a fertile island set in emerald green waters – for its rich traditions and hospitality. It is the ideal place for a holiday on a sailboat. From the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura we sail on a sea shining a myriad of shades of blue, set in a frame of granite rocks with most curious and bizarre shapes. Nature with its scents and colours is unique here.
We are located in the Strait of Boniface between Sardinia and Corsica, in the Archipelago of La Maddalena.

Apart from the holiday itself and from having a glance at a different kind of life, we care that you take back home a bag full of experiences, knowledge and culture around seamanship. Our association promotes the art of maritime life. Everyone should benefit of this opportunity to learn, whether you have already sailed many miles or are placing your first foot on a sailboat. Learning by doing is our approach, but we also provide theory sessions that help to understand the practice.

You’re already fortunate if you can afford a week of freedom. But if you can afford two weeks, you will truly enter the rhythm and lifestyle of maritime nomadism. During the first week you become confident with the place (sea), the vessel (sailboat) and their rules. During the second week you already have a good command and you may fully enjoy your stay aboard. Often some crew members change between the two weeks, giving new nuances to the second week. A crew is like a recipe: change two ingredients and you’ll get a new flavour.

Preparing a meal on board becomes a moment to gather and to exchange more than just gastronomic recipes. Food and cooking are a way to meet. Crew members get to know each other, to discover the other‘s tastes, to interact. There is laughter and joking while sipping a glass of wine and preparing a scrumptious meal for the entire crew. It is not rare to experience spontaneous cooking contests. The gratitude shown by the other crew members is immensely rewarding. This is the power of life on a sailboat and of its microcosm.
The skipper takes charge of cooking if sea conditions are too choppy for crew members who do not have sea legs. He also suggests his own recipes whenever the situation is conducive or necessary. The Gindungo’s cooking gear includes a barbecue, a pressure cooker and a Bimby kitchen appliance.

There is a guitar on board. Our skipper loves to play it when he is in a musical mood.
An iPod with 400 of history’s best music albums meets everyone’s likes and any situation on board. We welcome your music on a digital support.
Mostly, however, our soundtrack is the sound of the sea and of singing winds.

Our onboard library includes books on some of the greatest and most fascinating past and present sailing feats. Slocum, Moitessier, Dumas, Soldini, Peter Blake and Alinghi, just to name a few. Plenty of technical readings are available too for those interested in learning more about seafaring.

In the bow saloon the Gindungo houses a small, friendly bar stocked with spirits and cigars. The selection varies according to the season and to the routes tackled by the Gindungo. The bar is self-service; prices are posted. Income from the bar – as well as any other income, donation, etc. – is used to achieve our round the world sailing trip dream.

Sometimes we anchor for the night in the harbour, sometimes in a sheltered bay.
At the port, we take a stroll through the streets, discover the local fish restaurants and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables for our pantry.
In the bays we enjoy the magic atmosphere, amidst peace and quiet, with the moon and a million stars above us. Waking up the following morning and taking a dip in turquoise waters is a priceless beginning of the day.

A dinghy allows us to disembark in order to reach smaller ports and bays which cannot be accessed with the sailboat.

Apart from its own personal characteristics, the Gindungo features all the advantages of a boat on which the captain-shipowner lives during 9 months a year.

We have a 4G Wi-Fi connection on board (where the service is available) and a telephone to make calls abroad (Europe, USA, Canada, etc.).

If you wish to learn more about our sailing spirit, check out our pages “Team Building & Incentives” and “Fornelli al Vento”.



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