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Nothing is more gratifying for a team of co-workers than an adventure on a sailboat. Indeed a great bonus treat. But it's more than that: a team sailing trip has a strong bonding effect on all team members.
If you wish to find out more about life on board, have a look at our pages Fornelli al Vento and Sailing Holidays.
Upon our client’s request, we can add some extra flavour to the team’s sailboat adventure by integrating some more leisurely team building elements as a means to further strengthen team spirit.

The sea is an extraordinary teacher.

In an ever more competitive market, motivation and team strength make the difference between your company and all the others. Team work is not adding, it’s multiplying the strengths of each individual. Today there is no doubt that the potential of a united, motivated and skilfully led group is infinitely superior to the sum of potentials of the single elements.

Hands-on experience provides the most fertile grounds and is the most efficient source of learning. Lived experiences and emotions (a.k.a. experiential learning) leave indelible traces. Traces that, when approached rationally, reveal their paradigmatic features which can then be integrated into work life.

Team building on a sailboat is done through navigation. The team’s mission is to arrive safely and in the shortest time at destination – by sailing only. Each crew member plays and active and responsible role in order to achieve this common target. Team work is crucial. All duties, tasks and shifts must be scrupulously respected. At sea there's no joking around, we put our lives at risk if one link of the chain fails to comply with their duties. Each member must reach their target at any cost.

We experience a total detachment from life on dry land, from its habits, comforts, distractions. Like magic, our needs are automatically reduced to the essential: reaching the target. The physical, mental and psychological effort, the habit of enduring and supporting intense rhythms that go beyond whatever experienced so far, teach participants to manage their own resources.

A sailboat is not only a perfect experiential place, it is an incredible experience accelerator: a place you cannot escape from, where you are compelled to get involved, where it is imperative to cooperate with the rest of the crew and make efforts to find solutions to problems and unforeseen events. A real training ground for problem-solving skills. Sailing means technique and know-how, but also the capacity to find solutions to unexpected situations and problems.

Team building on a sailboat is suitable for any work field. Together with the client we establish a customised action plan and agree on the targets. This format has proved to be particularly efficient for all roles demanding constant high performance, long-term endurance, ability in mediation and  flexibility such as executives, managers, heads of human resources and public relations, brokers, traders, salespersons, intermediaries, etc.

It is work on the individual as well as on the entire team that leads to growth at both ends. Moreover, practicing communication in an extreme and unknown context forges and strengthens the ability to mediate and interact in the team. We make your employees face their own limits and we help to exceed them, thereby revealing hidden qualities. We guarantee a demanding yet out-of-the-ordinary experience.

And not least, watching the captain manage the entire situation might inspire new forms of corporate leadership. It is no coincidence that “leadership” contains the word “ship” and the word “leader”.  So what better leader than a captain?!!

This adventure at sea is embedded in a coaching framework, which enables the participants to make the most out of their experiences and transpose them to the company’s reality. Once back at work and strengthened by their experience, they face their tasks with a higher awareness of their resources, with autonomy, determination, the ability to interact in a team – and shure performance.



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